CEO MENA: Enercap Holdings encourages innovation

Encouraging innovation

Waseem Ashraf Qureshi, Founder and CEO, Enercap
Holdings, elaborates on a game plan to be the number one energy storage brand in the world

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Enercap Holdings is a technology holding company that through its subsidiaries, invents, develops, manufactures and sells advanced energy storage and power control products for utilities, telecoms, residential, commercial and microgrid applications as well as for electric vehicles and charging stations. The company has two primary energy storage brands, Encap and Batterix, which are the first non-chemical alternatives to lithium- ion batteries that deliver much better performance.

Encap is an advanced energy storage for stationery applications, which is based on encap sulated capacitors. Encap products have lower cost, 10x longer life, better safety and operating temperature compared to lithium-ion batteries.

CEO MENA: Enercap Holdings encourages innovation