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Enwall 5KW/10KW


  • DC Energy 10kWh
  • Voltage Range 43.2Vdc to 60.8Vdc
  • DC Voltage (Nominal) 48Vdc
  • Internal Resistance < 4 mili Ohms
  • Technology Encapsulated Cell
  • Nominal Cell Voltage 6.4 ~6.6Vdc / Cell (Encapsulated) 1/2 +
  • 0.12V Envelope
  • Maximum Charge Current 135A
  • Maximum Discharge Current 135A
  • Charging Curve 3 Stages / Equalization (CC/CP/VP)
  • Charging Strategy for Module Self-adaption to BMS


ENWALL is Enercap’s latest integrated energy storage system designed for the home and light commercial facilities. ENWALL comes with Enercap’s patent ENCAP and ENSERVER cutting-edge technology. The ENWALL system can be charged by the grid, solar, wind, or genset in either standalone, standalone grid-tied, standalone off-grid, gridtied hybrid, or off-grid hybrid mode. It can switch automatically between modes as the need arises. Using the safest energy storage technology, the system can operate in very high or low temperatures without the need for heating or cooling and has a very high AC and DC round trip efficiency. ENWALL has a direct connection to PV, the Grid, Wind, or GENSETS. The system will automatically detect outages, can power your home or electric vehicle, and will charge as soon as any of the inputs is available. ENWALL will store energy for long periods without depletion of energy through idle discharge or thermal runaway of energy through idle discharge or thermal runaway.


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